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Sound Healing with Acutonics and Singing Bowls

It is a joy to serve you with healing tools and to use the experience have which is rejuvenating to the body electric, and healing.  I can see how the pathway of music and the extensive study of has brought me to the understanding of how effective using the Sound Healing Modality with Acutonics and Singing Bowls serves so many and is truly a Non-Invasive Healing Practice which resonates well with me being a Practitioner.

 The different modalities of my studies over the years, all support this work.  From music conservatory, teaching, performing, singing,  composing, qigong, and aromatherapy, to arrive at the door of the Science of Sound healing using Acutonics which is also based on Oriental Medicine and applying tuning forks on Meridians and Acupoints on the body and both over the body.  This is such a Non Invasive lovely healing modality, as well as one that activates the waters of the being so effectively ~ because remember we as humans are 70% water.

Having my Ministring license, and Master teacher reiki attunements and certifications alone with 10 levels of studies in Acutonics work, I feel blessed with the skills to have and offer this practice.  

Sound healing,  aromatherapy, music, healing, designing healing salves, and Reiki make such a well-rounded healing practice.   Truly my Shamanic Pathway, is what I offer to you in my workings!

In harmony, Jana

I hear the Drum Sounding!

I am a Reiki Master Teacher and alongside my other attributes, skills that I have acquired from my studies.  I am here to let you know that I reside in waves of light that send ripples outward to those around me as I walk on my continuing vision quest on this life walk.
When I was a young child Dr. Foley who was a parapsychologist, scientist, and herbalist, was a blessing to my mother’s life, and recovery to optimum health when giving birth to my sister, and an opening to the wonderful world of learning much about who I am.  Dr. Foley spent a lot of time with me, recognizing the extra sensory ability he claimed I was gift with to recognize, accept, and access. As a blessing and gift he entered into my life at a time when I had so many visions, and premonitions that were not confirmed by anyone around me, so with his guidance and tutelage I was put on this particular path with no fear, and was able to follow it alone.  As I grew into my years, after living in Israel then attending music school and acquiring my BFA in music,  I began studying qigong with a 6th generation Chinese Doctor Qigong master,  then continued with my Reiki Attunements, and Sound Healing studies. When opening my Music studio, I immediately incorporated aspects of Sound Healing into my work with a variety of students using Healing Art modalities and in the World of Music.
My interest has been in and is in assisting those using Sound as a Healing tool.  Whether it be Singing, Toning, setting up a Reiki Session, or a more fluid session including Reiki but using Sound Healing with Acutonics and Singing Bowls as the conduit.
I hear the Drum Sounding!
I say to you ~ Tune in, Reach in, Listen, and cause healing, thus you will create healing ripples into the Waters of your very soul and being which extend out so very far that those who come in contact with you will be moved and assisted on their healing journey as well.  
Here here, you are the Catalyst and the Conduit, but remember this….You are the Gift, so you must start by Hearing Your Drum ~ Sounding!